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d 11 10 Residential Gate

Get a gate that will keep your property secure

An automated gate is a fantastic way to keep vandals out without seeming too hostile. You'll find a wide variety of options here, from low-maintenance clicker and vehicle exit loops to gates and full system service.


When you have us install your automated gate, you're getting licensed, insured work from a company that's been in business since 1988. You'll get quality work from a dedicated local company.

Want to keep your home safe?

For simpler home security, you can get an automated gate that works with a clicker. You can carry a remote control with you and get in and out of your driveway gate quickly. Your security won't slow you down.

Let's get started! Contact us today for your automated gate.

Want to protect your business?

For a business that has a lot of employees, try a gate that works with a keypad or a card. You can have people remember a code or carry prox cards to access your business' property.

Want maximum security?

For the most security imaginable, we can install a web-based computer system that controls your gate access. You can also get a gate that opens and shuts on a set schedule, for even more security.