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Get the fence that fits your type of business

Whether you have a school, a storage unit or a solar array that needs a good fence, we can help you get the fence you need. Our durable chain link and iron fences will protect your property without compromising your work environment.


Additionally, we offer comprehensive farm fencing services. The right fence will not only keep your animals safe but will also to protect your plants from damage.

Choose from a wide variety of styles

  • Solar Arrays

  • Schools

  • Hospitals / Medical Facilities

  • Manufacturing and Processing Plants

  • Mini-Storage

  • Recreational Facilities

  • Gate and Access Automation

Contact the local fencing company that's been in business since 1988.

Fix your business' fence

You want your business' property to look and feel professional. A damaged fence can hurt your image and your security. Call us today, and our dedicated workmen will fix your fence to look like new.

Get even more security with a gate

Do you want an even safer business? Get an automated gate. You'll choose from a selection of different gates, so you can set a level of security that's comfortable for you. Call us today and schedule an appointment.